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09:12pm 31/03/2005
My moms custom laptizzle fo shizzle
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so apparently this is what i do now !!   
01:37am 31/03/2005

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happy birfday Isis!!   
12:43pm 17/02/2005
  my 4 year old isnt spoiled, no no, just a little hacker in the making.. bwaa hahaahaa....
here is what i made her for her birthday, dont stare at my crappy masking job


so shes all obsessed with this strawberry crap-cake, and its been months since ive havn't had the theme song wedged in my head like a fat man in a little coat. I just love her so much i cant help but make her something she can cherish and remeber, or at least to leave on her bedroom floor for me to step on. it is pretty cool for a laptop you gotta admit.
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dead as a doornail   
03:43pm 16/12/2004
mood: frustrated
i knew id be broke without any money saved for winter but, FUCK. this sucks! maybe i should sell one of my testicles? they could just throw an old ping pong ball in there and id be good to go! i mean its not like i need and kind of overdrive as far as my sperm count goes, i already have one kid an thats enough for me. And Isis is such a well behaved kid am afraid to chance having another at the risk of creating an antichrist er something. Today i asked her to go to the bathroom and get ready for a nap, and by the time i remembered to go tuck her in she was fast asleep wiff her wittle dowwe awewwwwwwwww!

Anyway, its been deathly slow at the shop, and time is taken up by watching the crusties dig through the garbage from the window , and me trying to show my boss how to do a dukes of hazrd jump over the pony walls. man its really funny watching a 46 year old man weathered from 20+ years tattooing, try to jump over the pony wall. we spend our time watching bob ross in the morning an then to jerry springer andfinally Maury......the fuck are people thinking.." mah baaybe eat wha eva e want" with their fat fucking carseat crusher child uhg!

bob ross inspired oil painting

So im still scrapin along anyway, and im grateful to be working in a shop right off of broadway, but i wish more people would come in i guess. i think people have the wrong impression of tattoo shops in seattle, and i dont blame em, but we dont rape peoples wallets here and everyone scared of going to the area for tattoos. funny thing did happen, a women came from a nearby shop asking if we had any turtle tattoos. i paused, " NOpE fresh outta turtles" i laughed "We got some Panthers!" she then told me a story of how the shop she went to previously supplied an artist that did not know how to draw a turtle but that he could do a "ninja turtle" off a sticker on his wall. *blink *blink
well i can assure the public that we CAN draw turtles and draw em good ..eh
i dont know, i guess need to promote the shop more, i got shit loads of flyers that i pass out everyday, and newspaper ads...any ideas?
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08:59pm 30/09/2004
mood: good
drove down to L.A. a couple weeks ago to attend the 13th annual Inkslingers Ball, my first Tattoo convention. I guess i wanted to start it out right since i didnt go to the seattle tattoo con. i mean why the fuck should i pay 20$ a day to go see some artist i can walk down the street and stare at. besides too many people up here think they are rockstars anyway. i had fun down in la, even with the huge cockroaches that threw up gang signs at me and heckled me for spare change. got a free tattoo on the back of my neck from a street shop in east la, and ate at in and out burger till i was sick. i had my fun though

any way im back from god forsaken cali and i couldnt be more happy to see the green trees and rain.
the shop has been super slow and ive made like 80 bucks in the last two weeks. I just need to print out more business cards i guess.. but ive completed some rad paintings in my duldroms.

i might be moving to north seattle in the next month (why the FUCK am i living in kentAGAIN!!) get me out of here!! its progress, however i worry how hard this winter is going to be for me at this shop... ill make the best of it, i always do.

oh yea, and Jaime (the owner of chrome ohm tattoo) wanted us to bring him back an in and out burger even if it was like 2 days old.... here he is eating a cold...two day old...double double
i love this guy hahah!!

note the hello kitty bandanna...i love my job!
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look i can try to write a poem....   
01:32am 14/03/2004
mood: crazy
dont expect a good one though..,i can still try right???Collapse )
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o m f g !!!!!!!!!   
02:17am 09/03/2004
mood: productive
sooo i was searching for refrences on the internet to draw some pics for Denises tattoo, and i stumbled upon a website that...well...can see the future. guess who i saw? yes thats right kids.. i saw Denise's future.. WITNESS!!! 30 years into the FUTURE BWAHAHAAAAAAHAHAAHA*ack* AAA

i honestly cannot believe how close they look

this is just too much fun..i hope at least one of you finds this as cool as i do
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the unveiling bwahahaaa   
01:08am 08/03/2004
mood: happy
so im finally done painting isis' lil push car..i was going to install lil blinking lights for ground effects, but i think ill do it on the next one. im pretty satified with it. isis loves it, and she is now the coolest kid in the county, considering this is one of a kind, she may as well be the coolest in the world. haha! we took it out for a test drive and heres some wonderful pics for you all to gawk at wheEEeeeEEEeee!!!

proud owner


oh shit!!

thinkthinkthink what should i do????

screw this crap im outta here wheeeeeeeee

Okay, so i should have made sure it was completly ready, but cmon...neither of us could wait..we prolly peed our pants in unicen when i said it was done...hope you enjoy!! show your friends ..
new pictures for you!!!!! yaaaaay!!   
02:08pm 09/02/2004
mood: thankful
so i finally got my shit to work and here are some new tattoos ive done...hope you like!!


about 20% of this lucky friends sleeve!

original flash i drew, turned into tattoo!!:)

so ive been feeling good, busting out tattoos an such...BRING ME YOUR FLESH!!! print these out and tell your mom cause im comin up!!!

happy b-day boy
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super bowl   
01:58pm 01/02/2004
  fuck the super bowl, i just want to see the commercials and find reason to consume alchohol in the afternoon.  
10:16pm 18/01/2004
mood: creative
i didnt do shit today. right now im trying to draw up some wierd tattoo ideas. searching for inspirado... some of the drawings ive seen for flash and tattoo magazines are bullshit. im kinda fed up and feel like i need to represent haha!! i know i can draw better than this prison-style tweaker art. how many times is someone going to draw a mohawk guy with a bolt through his toungue, and a tribal tattoo on the side of his head....ridiculous!
i had a weird dream that someone printed some pictures that werent mine in a tat mag. the drawings had my name on them and the shop i was from but the art wasnt mine... and it was like taped onto a piece of paper and copied.... i need to draw more...thats what i think its telling me.
12:45am 08/12/2003
  so im feelin real dorky right now and im off to install my PA system back in my car... i cant wait to yell at pedestrians...so much better than throwing things. and lately turning my winshield squirters to the side isnt cuttin it anymore. besides its hard to squirt other cars at high speeds ( at least until i install a high powered water pump).... i love being a dork  
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im gettin there....   
12:11am 08/12/2003
  So today i worked some more on my friends arm, a couple of flaming skulls. i took some crappy pics from my cam phone, ill post em later. Im realizing how much im progressing in this frustrating media, and patiently waiting for the day when im completly comfortable with this wretched machine. Dont get me wrong it takes time and considering my drawing\tattooing ratio, im doin alright, but i gotta lifetime of learning to do.
In other news, i was mashin down a local street and my hood flew up and cracked the shit out of my sunroof HAAHAA! stupid car... i really should get that fixed, but jumping up and down on my hood to shut it, on a busy street is way more fun. I mean im just going to buy a new hood and airbrush some pirate shit on it any way, so im in no rush.
cars are overrated any way, im going to buy a vespa, and redo it jesse james style. paint some flames on it, weld some spider webs on the fender, maybe put some spinnin rims on it..somehow....yea....
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02:26am 14/11/2003
mood: drunk
Im still alive , and im doing pretty good. Ive relocated to another tattoo shop in Fife. (it was cheap, ok) Electric Blue Tattoo is open to the public and filled with nice talented people. ive been doing pretty good at the whole tattoo thing and plan to be taking on walk-ins this summer. heres a semi- complete leg peice i did on an old co-worker.WOLVIE pretty good for my third tattoo haha!

my kid tells me what she did at pre-school now, shes growing up fast . The other day she told me " dad, you my bess frenn ever!" i cried for the first time in years. i hope i make enough money in the future to take care of her right. i hate living with my parents even though i know its all i got right now. my parents have been warming up to my career more than i thought. my mother has been helping me pay for my apprenticeship and my dad has been helping out with my projects for the shop. im glad that my mom trusts me , i assured her that spending my college savings on an apprenticeship at tattoo shop full of felons would be more cost-effective than art school.

i chopped the dreads off thanks to a lovely Denise and her wierd razor comb thingie heres a pic NO MORE BDA BYE BYE!! i guess im sick an tired of having long hair. ive had it since i was 15 as a rebellous statement, something to piss off my parents, and say "hey im my own person" but now i know that i have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. besides i want to look clean-cut during my impression in the tattooing community.

alot has happened in the past months and i know im leaving alot out, but this glass of wine slowly helps me forget the stress of being me.
if your ever around fife for some odd reason or know someone who is have them stop by the shop and check it out, right on pac hwy--- 4419 Pac highway E (253) 926-4212 Electric Blue Tattoo
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02:03am 23/08/2003
my new underarm peice!
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new ink in a blink   
10:04pm 08/08/2003
mood: stoked!!!!!!
so i think im going to dedicate this journal to my new tattoos and peircings!
yes i suck, and have recieved yet another tattoo.
pic 1
keep in mind that this is only 15 minutes of work! Chucho ( the artist) showed no mercy with his lines, that redness is not normal redness, its bruising. those lines aint fucking goin nowhere! we were thinkin of a black and gray coloring with green smoke around it, but ill see what he wants to do .
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01:22am 18/07/2003
mood: annoyed
today was a decent day... i worked my ass off at the shop today, we got pinball machines in, so that brought a little incentive, and i got alot accomplished.
I find that im picking up some left behind habits that scare me a little. i see some other close friends that are doing the same, right now it seems like not too many are on the right track, or at least it seems that the path chosen by some seems illogical. I dont care if that doesnt make sense, im tired.

ive been analizing things alot more lately... i watch people through the reflection of mirrors more, and i can read their body language... theres a wanna-be apprentice that hangs out at the shop and i can tell hes mad that i got it instead of him.. Just the other day, one of his friends came in and was saying how she knew this guy that was trying to get a job "here" and said shed bring in a card that said HE sent her to the shop.......o....k...
a card ...like " Tell em billy sent ya" or some thing...like he already worked there.

After she left they were making fun of him because they said he was just a drug addict trying to get things the easy way. i could laugh with them knowing that i was the new apprentice, and i WASNT a drug addict. and they liked me ...that feels good.. its like hanging out with your favorite band evar, and having them invite you to come party with them. anyway ive sorta been slakkin on the art lately, but i do trace like a million things a day for tattoo stencils and i can see a dramatic improvement in line quality...not that you care, but you should cause one day i will tattoo every one that reads my live journal, in which case line quality is good,.... very good.

im supposed to help this chick from work move into her apartment tomorrow...i feel bad for her..she just got divorced and has to move out of her house...shes YOUNG too...wierd..

in other news, i think that my daughters mom is in trouble..i suspect that her skinhead-boyfriend did something to her. and i havent been able to get ahold of her for a couple months . its odd for her to say that she wants to come back in isis' life in our last phone call and never hear frome her again... not that im waiting for her to come back and be this magical mother that hasnt been there ..it just concerns me and i think that she.... well lets just say i think she in trouble and no one knows where she is.

i tried to tell her that she was getting in to nothing good with her new boy friend, even though she assured me that there were things she just couldnt explain to me and told me that everything would work out...they started fighting, made up, fighting. made up, and for all i know right now he fucked her up and shes in some alley dying right now.....

i wish i could warn my loved ones of what i see in the future. some times i just have a sick feeling in my stomache when i think about two people. even if there is no feeling jealousy, or regret from my part, i know when some thing isnt right to be... like i know that im going to have to sit there and watch it all fall apart because of the good ol " I...I just cant explain it...hes soo different and bleh bleh bleh" oh well though...live an let learn i guess.
jesus christ i dont think ive rambled like this in years...sorry, ill go to bed now...
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ah cant leave ma munkaay!   
11:17pm 06/07/2003
  stolen from [Bad username: lucid_angel"]
These answers are based on Japanese Archetypes.
The desert represents a hardship.
The animals represent . . .

Lion Pride
Monkey Your Children
Sheep Friendship
Cow Basic Needs
Horse Your Passion
So, in the face of hardship, you will sacrifice each of these things in turn. Your last animal represents that thing which you cling to at the expense of all others.
Your choices were in this order:

Which means your personality traits you value in order of precedence:

Your Passion
Basic Needs
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08:19pm 06/07/2003
01:41am 04/07/2003
mood: curious
yeh...i havent been updating my journal much lately, theres been a few things going on right now now that mere words can barely express. i guess im hesitating, worrying that i might jinx myself. I keep forgetting though that i dont belive in that anymore, and i believe if i focus my energy enough on something in a positive manner, i can make it happen the way i want it.
*tries once more to use telekenises to open soda-pop*
ugh! dammit......Soon though i might be a jedi apprentice, being that tat artists are my obi-wan-konobi equivilants. Chucho sat me down and told me again how much he wants me to work with him at the shop, and how thier just waiting to hear from the owner. I got to do some stencils for peoples designs on thier skin and he let me answer the phone an take the garbage out!!! YAAAaaaAAaAY! Never have i ever been so exited to take out hazardous waste, in my lifetime and i dont think i could. Some guy came out of nowhere and offered me 100 bucks to do a backdrop for photo shoots at the summer jam.....i dunno he seemed kinda shady and 100 bucks aint shit, i value my work more than that so i think im going to blow him off, i dunno, ill see.
so i cant sleep cause the owner came back tonight and theyre all out partying. The guys said that basically as soon as he gives the O.K. i start! Im thinkin.."holy shit! where the FUCK do i sign?"

shits crazy in my head right now
ive dreamed of doing this ever since i found out you could make money for drawing
wish me luck!
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